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Zoho People

Centralize all your HR functions with Zoho People

Whatever the size of your business – small, medium, or large – you need HR Management software. Human Resources consists of a number of processes that are integral to nurturing the biggest asset of an organization, your employees, and creating a sustainable work culture. So, what you really need is a one-stop solution for your HR needs – Zoho People. With Zoho People, you do not need individual applications for each individual HR function; it takes care of everything. With Zoho People in place, you can focus on the people that make you look good in the business world.

What can Zoho People do for you?

Hire the best and the brightest

You can ensure that only top-quality candidates are recruited from varied sources through an effective, yet nimble recruitment process. You can also provide a seamless, digital onboarding experience that quickly gets them acquainted with your work culture and environment.

Performance reviews made easy

It is very important to understand where exactly your employees stand in terms of their strengths and weaknesses. You can set performance goals, obtain holistic feedback, and review the performance of your employees. You need to help your employees in achieving their professional goals, as well the business goals of your organization.

Be answerable to your employees too

Employees will always have a ton of questions to ask and queries to be resolved. With the help of the HR case management tool, you can create a classification for every question type, appoint an agent, organize, and discuss the case via comments. Be ready for any doubt that your employees might have.

Expedite HR tasks through automation

You can create automated mail alerts, tasks and checklists, set up automatic field updation, and so much more. Our intelligent, customizable workflows can make your life much easier and help you focus on spending your time astutely.

Insights that enlighten

Analytics can help you obtain actionable insights and optimize your workforce strategies. Customize your dashboard as required and derive granular-level information about your employees. Right from employee turnover, hiring vs attrition comparison, to employee growth rates; everything available to you in real-time.

Let us take this forward

Zoho People has a lot more capabilities than the ones listed above. We would love to understand your needs better and help you make a much more informed decision. Get in touch with us right away at (telephone number). You can also email us at info@priffy.com.

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