Textiles & Garments

The exciting industry of Textiles & Garments deals with the design and manufacture of fabric and clothing. Priffy helps businesses manage industrial operations smoothly by integrating workflow processes using SAP. Manual errors are minimized through automation and by streamlining processes to increase profits. The interdisciplinary approach to various departments including production, finance, marketing, sales and customer relationship management ensures optimum use of resources.


The designing process for Textiles & Garments is simplified with SAP by generating samples, and selecting the best patterns, all in a seamless manner.


SSAP automated software schedules processes for multiple projects at all stages enabling cost-effective planning.


SAP solutions help in managing stock thereby saving manual hours on stock monitoring.


It is easy to track the status of orders through SAP. This also helps in keeping a check on the consumption of raw materials to ensure there are no breaks in production due to non-availability of items.


Error-free, automated reports help businesses stay on top of progress and facilitate planning.

SAP system allows warehouse material management which simplifies production and handling of material
Consumption and subsequent stock status of all the assets and components are closely monitored and updated to generate real-time reports.
Accurate record of financial statements including payments to all vendors and suppliers
Product management through labeling system for easy identification through barcode and RFID scanning process
Integrated suite of SAP solutions help in streamlining all the business processes for timely delivery of products to the end users
Impeccable accounting system that records all financial transactions for clarity and transparency
Reduction of gaps in materials requirement and procurement ensuring smooth and timely operations
Effective customer relationship management through rigorous feedback systems