Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Staff Augmentation

Technological innovations are helping with the reduction of cost and increase in operational efficiencies. With a growing number of IT projects, businesses are competing to complete projects in time while staying within the budget. It is not practically possible to handle all these responsibilities in house as it would involve high cost and risk, especially in the dynamically changing business climate. Whenever companies are looking outside for help in completion of IT projects, they consider staff augmentation as a reliable delivery model.

Through IT staff augmentation, companies can add employees to their teams as and when skill requirements arise. They can easily hire according to changing demands without incurring the cost or liabilities of additional full-time employees.

Staffing Solutions

Employee Leasing

Any organization would prefer to apply their efforts in running the business rather than be buried under paperwork. However HR and administrative filing are extremely important. You need not waste your time on this anymore. The experts at Priffy can provide employee leasing solutions that will take care of the entire hiring process. We transfer employees from the organization’s payroll into our employee leasing service and then release them back when needed, making Priffy the legal employer allowing us to take on the burden of the entire HR management processes.

Recruitment Process Outsourcing

With rising challenges and the ever-changing business demands, the biggest challenge in hiring is acquiring the right talent at the right time. Priffy has a deep understanding of your needs and we offer the following services under RPO:

Recruiter on demand : Our team of experts are well versed with the entire recruitment process and can deliver high-quality results at low cost within the stipulated time. We help businesses control fixed cost and our resources can be availed to suit fluctuating business requirements.

Activity-owned delivery : Priffy is dedicated to improving internal processes by using its technological expertise. Since data analytics play an important role in business process optimization, we use a powerful combination of measuring tools that enable us to continuously monitor results and improve.

Success-based delivery : Priffy is committed to timelines and ensures that the required resources are onboarded within the agreed deadline. Your business will enjoy the cost benefit while being assured of the dedication of a very talented team.

Permanent Staffing

Hiring permanent staff comes with its own set of challenges.

It is not easy to find the right people; but we’re here to help you find the best talent and the right fit for your organization.

Our dedicated team of consultants will help you with your business goals.

Our diligent process starts with a thorough understanding of the roles and responsibilities of your staffing requirements including the short and long term objectives.

We then curate a customized recruitment plan to source the best candidates from the talent pool available in our extensive network.

Next we work closely with the shortlisted candidates to make sure they have the required hard and soft skills to be successful at the job.

Once the candidate is chosen, Priffy helps navigate negotiations and closing with the offer letter.

We make the entire process absolutely hassle-free for you.


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